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Explore the Holy Land differently

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A Different Look at the Holy Land

Let me take you on a Unique Journey across Israel

Hello, my name is Omer Cohen, a professional and certified Tour Guide in Israel, with an extensive background in the fields of political science, urban planning & environment.

In my tours I integrate those topics, focusing not only on the extraordinary history, archaeology and religions of this country, but also on geopolitical, social & environmental issues that concern the people of this region, while showing all sides of every story.

Contact me now to book a tour, consult on where and what to visit, or ask anything you want about Israel and the region. I'll be happy to assist.

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My wife and I were blessed to have Omer Cohen as our guide for our first visit to Israel. Throughout our trip he was a fabulous source of information, bringing history alive. Omer was also a delightful and charming and thoughtful companion, always ready with a good suggestion or a creative way of accommodating our whims and preferences. We simply could not imagine a better guide.

Ambassador Howard Balloch

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I offer a variety of tours in Israel, from visiting the holy sites in the old city of Jerusalem, through exploring the history and nature of the Dead Sea and Masada, to chilling out and partying Tel-Aviv-Jaffa. I also offer tailor-made tours designed especially for your needs and desires. Contact me today to book your favorite tour!
* prices are for a daily tour, not including transportation, accomodation, meals and site enteries


Jerusalem - History, Religion & Goepolitics


Jerusalem is not only one of the oldest cities in the world, and not just the holy city of the three monotheistic religions - Judaism, Christianity & Islam - it's also the focal point of one of the longest lasting conflicts in modern history - the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Join me for a unique journey to the most important sites for the three religions, together with a deep understanding of the conflict.


Tel-Aviv-Jaffa - From an ancient Port City to the Tech Center of the Middle East


Once, the gateway to the Holy Land, now, the vibrant center of the Middle East - Join me to explore how the old port city of Jaffa, home of the Jaffa Oranges, transformed into the modern  city that never sleeps, home of the start-up nation - Tel-Aviv-Jaffa.

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Life and History of the LGBT Community in Tel-Aviv


Tel-Aviv is not only the start-up city that never sleeps, but also one of the most Gay-friendly cities in the world! Join me to explore LGBT life in Tel-Aviv now and in the past, to find out if it was always easy to be gay in Tel-Aviv and what made it a place that attracts gays from all around the world?


Explore the Holy Land


From the beautiful Sea of Galilee and Nazareth through the Dead Sea and Masada, to the Negev Desert and Eilat - join me to explore the small country that has snow on one side and desert on the other. I can plan an itinerary based on my suggestions and your desires.

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“Travel teaches toleration.”

Benjamin Disraeli

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